What, when and where to pay your Avon Bill.

Ok you got your product now what!

I want you all to log into your Avon account right now.

you will see this along the top:


so click on MY AVON


you will see something like this:

amount due

On this screen you see your TOTAL Balance – then you will see Balance Due with a date. That date is the date AVON NEEDS the payment, if you are using your Bank to pay your bill then make sure you are paying 2-3 BUSINESS days before this due date. If you are using your new features in your Avon account, ( auto pay, direct pay or credit card) then click on the Make A Payment to do so now. To set up these features please refer to your complete guide to using your avon.ca account or you can find a digital copy on the rep cafe.

If your payment is not received and processed by the due date, your account may be frozen which means you wont be able to log in, OR you will not be able to submit your next regular order which means you miss out on all those sales from that campaign. And not to scare you but if you are past due and have not made arrangements with ACC you could and can be sent to collections.

Paying your bill on time is YOUR responsibility as a rep, Avon is the only DS company that I know of that allows payment to happen after delivery of products, every other DS company that I know of requires the rep to pay up front in full at the time of order placement.  Let’s not abuse this gift that Avon has given us reps.

Remember it’s ok to collect money from your customers up front, other companies require this, just make sure to give your customer a receipt with what they ordered and how much they paid up front.

If you need to dispute anything on your invoice or to make payment arrangements, then you need to call ACC to have that dealt with as Chantal & Heather do not have access to any of that info.

payment schedule

this above chart can be found in the Transition to Promise Handbook on the rep cafe under Promise.

Thank you all for your understanding and for keeping your Account Up to Date!

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